When I was 8, my dad started teaching me how to sharpen our garden tools and knives. I became so fascinated with the idea of sharpening, I would sharpen and re-sharpen even though the tool didn’t need it. I loved making the bevel look even and consistent all the way across the blade. He had learned the importance of caring for his tools from his grandpa, a Danish immigrant who painted houses.

Great Grandpa kept his paint brushes perfectly clean at the end of each day’s work. My dad became a civil draftsman, before computers existed, drawing maps for roads, subdivisions, highways, and cities. I can still remember marveling at how he cared for all his tools of his trade. His pens, triangles, guides, and special erasers were always organized and in good working order. During my working life, I have always put a value on high quality tools and their maintenance in construction. Today, in sharpening, I feel like I am channeling my inner Danish roots to produce an unbelievably sharp edge on every tool I sharpen. I take great pride in knowing that I have made thousands of people’s work, hobbies, and house chores easier and more enjoyable.

professional sharpening

How I got in to it

I was working in residential construction in 2007 with 2 bad shoulders and a hand that would occasionally go numb. I had been looking for a new career in something having to do with food in order to avoid surgery. In the last couple months of 2007, the economy began to show signs of the historical recession. I had just finished a large project on December 22 with no jobs in the cue, and happened to be trolling Craigslist for anything interesting. And then, it was like the clouds parted. I saw the listing for “Fine Dining Knife Sharpener”. My wife had visions of me riding a bicycle with a sharpening stone going from place to place, begging for work. We had a mortgage and 2 little kids. Very ominous times indeed. I apprenticed for 2 years after getting the job, and decided to go off on my own, utilizing a different business model.



"Five Stars!"



“Unbelievable job sharpening my knives. I gave him 7 Shun Premier knives ranging from Santoku to boning and he put a better edge than when I bought them new... I couldn't be happier and they are razor sharp! I will absolutely be back and would HIGHLY recommend to anyone.”

– Quinten, San Francisco


“Prompt and convenient. Dropped off my knives at Kinder's in Benicia the night before and picked them up the next day. Almost sliced the tip of thumb off the knives were so damn sharp. Well played.”

– Tom, Concord



– Kevin, drop-off customer


“I can't say enough about Mark's service. He took a fabric scissor I bought in the early 60s that someone else ruined and did a wonderful job of correcting them. Also took knives that are unusual and did a great job with them as well.”

– I.E.C., Oakland


“Mark has been sharpening for Postino for about 10 years.  He does a phenomenal job.  We look foward to our appointments with Mark not only for the sharp knives, but to see a trusted friend.”

– Stewart Beatty - Executive Chef @ Postino


“What can I say, sharp knives, reasonable price, great service.”

– Jim, Vallejo


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