Can my mother/brother/friend from (pick a state) send you their knives?

Yes.  They can visit our Mail-In Sharpening shop and start the process We will ship a kit to them, including instructions and a return shipping label.  Turnaround time is usually one week.

Do you sharpen serrated (bread) knives?

Yes.  Serrated knives are one of our specialties.  When necessary, we will cut (grind) new teeth in order to maintain its effectiveness. 

How do your drop-off locations work?

Visit our locations page to choose one of our locations.  Visit our schedule page to decide when. Drop off the day(s) before the scheduled event, and pick up the day(s) after the event.  You pay the store for your sharpening.

What is your schedule?

Our mobile sharpening schedule changes daily – please see the schedule page to find a location near you!

How do I package knives to drop off?

Check out a great tutorial video below.

What equipment do you use?

We use machinery incorporating ceramic abrasives and water.  Our methods are controlled by free-hand muscle memory.

Where are your participating locations?

You can find those here!

Do you sharpen saws?

We do not sharpen any “small tooth” equipment like circular saws, pull saws, or hand saws.

What is your contact information?

goldenstatesharpening@gmail.com or call us at 707 – 654 – EDGE (3343)

Do you have a shop?

We now sharpen from our shop for Mail-In services.  However, we do not have a store you can visit yet.

I want to talk to you about my scissors/knife/pruners. How can I meet up with you?

Email us your concern and which location you wish to meet.  We will respond in order to coordinate with you.

Do you sharpen Japanese knives?

Yes.  We take great care to minimize metal removal, use appropriate angles, and protect the metal temper.


STEP 1: For each wrap, collect a cork, up to 4 knives, a dish towel, and a couple of rubber bands.

STEP 2: Start by inserting the tip of the shortest knife into the cork.

STEP 3: Continue with the next larger knife.  Do not let the tips protrude through the other end of the cork.​

STEP 4: Carefully lay the group of corked knives on an angle at one end of the towel, and roll the towel with the knives inside.

STEP 5: Fold towel in toward knives.

STEP 6: Secure the wrapped knives with at least two rubber bands. Repeat the process with more knives as necessary.


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