Never Leave Knives in the Sink

In this blog post, I’m going to help you be safe with a great knife rule and story to help explain.

I was just a few months into my sharpening career.  By that time, I had become very excited about how incredibly sharp I could make a knife.  Of course, I started telling friends, and the laughs and doubt followed.

What Happens Without Knife Rules 

One of my neighbors wanted to find out just how sharp I could make her knives.  I eagerly obliged, and sharpened her knives the best I could.  Now, Keep in mind that they had three kids, and her sister and her family lived across the street.  Lots of people coming and going.  BBQ parties every weekend.  We had a trampoline, they had a trampoline.  It was crazy-fun times back then.

I returned her knives plenty sharp.

Later, she said “I just sat down to answer the phone,”

My neighbor had just stepped away from the sink(doing dishes), to answer the phone.  Her sister got up to continue with the dishes.  Done with the call, she went back to the dishes, not realizing her sister had put a knife in the sink.

She said “I swear!  I barely touched the knife!”

After the stitches, my neighbor told the story to her friends, singing my phrases.  Since then, she has always bragged about how she has the best knife sharpener.

One of my Knife Rules

My takeaway is obviously NEVER LEAVE KNIVES IN THE SINK!  When you put a knife in the sink and walk away, you have no control over the next persons’ attention span.  I have always been a safety nerd, but this story has helped me get my point across as one of the simplest ways to avoid an altercation with a knife.  

I encourage you to make a household knife rule to never leave knives in the sink.  Better yet, wash a knife right after you use it!


Mark Jensen founded Golden State Sharpening in 2010. He has a passion for making his customers happy through razor sharpness. His Scandinavian roots in sharpening and tool care are telegraphed into each piece he puts an edge on. He was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area where he developed his love for Jazz, Cycling, BBQ, and Peet’s Coffee.