Welcome to my new blog! I think it is appropriate that my first post be about safety, since I am in the business of making knives, scissors, etc. as sharp as possible.

It is my intent to help promote knife (and other cutting tool) safety through this blog. My guidelines, rules, common sense, or whatever you prefer to call it, will be helpful to many, and will be redundant to others. If I can prevent some Band-Aid sales and a few trips to the Dr., then I’ve done my part.

I want to help people enjoy cutting more. And a big part of that enjoyment equation is safety. Fear is no fun. The muscle between your ears is trainable. Knowledge and training are more powerful that fear. Please learn from me, so you can enjoy your new-found confidence in chopping that onion!

Outside of a few adolescent transgressions, I have spent a lot of my life being cautious. I have created some techniques and systems, and certainly borrowed from other people as well. I hope most everyone will get a little something of benefit from me.

In the coming blog posts, look for different tips on incorporating safety into everyday life, among other topics.

In sharpness and safety,