I’m big on knife storage.

4 knives safely organized in an acrylic see-through knife block setting on a counter top

Acrylic Knife Block

It is important to have a dedicated place to store your sharp knives and tools.  There are several benefits to creating a home for your sharp knifes and tools.  It doesn’t matter if it’s garden tools, or mini thread scissors for sewing,  Storage is important.


Knife Storage is Safer

Safety, in my opinion, is the most important consideration in regards to knife storage.  Definitely maintain  a consistent storage spot for anything sharp.  This is a great opportunity to keep sharp things away from your kid’s little, curious hands.  This is especially true with knives.  Even garden tools should be kept in a place that is harder for kids to get to.  You will also practice safety when you consistently use that designated storage spot.  You won’t have the problem of reaching for a spatula, and cutting yourself with the knife you forgot you put there.


Protect The Edge

I consider knife storage to be one of the best ways to preserve your edge sharpness.  You will include a method for storage when you dedicate a special place to your knives and tools, .  When you are done pruning your favorite rose bush, you will lock those pruners in the closed position before laying them in the toolbox, ready for it’s next use.  It’s the same with a knife.  Place the knife in the kitchen knife drawer organizer after you’re done cleaning it (by hand). Your tools can get dinged up from tossing them in a drawer with all the others.  The lifeline of tools is shortened.  They require more frequent sharpening to remove the dings, as a result.

Knives in a bamboo knife drawer organizer in a drawer with some other cooking utensils.

Bamboo Knife Drawer Organizer


Knife Storage Reduces Stress

I get so frustrated when I can’t find the scissors.  Either I was in a hurry and laid them down somewhere absentmindedly, or someone else in the family used them, and I can blame that person!  Plus, rust will also shorten the life of garden tools when they are left outside.  Sometimes, tools are simply unusable with the right amount of rust.  Any way you slice it, if the tool has a home, there is a higher likelihood of you using that place, and returning the tool to it’s home.